A Space To Breathe

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Edinburgh Printmakers Union St, Edinburgh.

One of the hardest things to do is to look back and not mythologize. Memory plays tricks on you. You start by acquiring memories that are not your own, blending them in, making them your own, seamlessly. Unobtrusively, they become one with the reality you had thought you had misremembered.

Photography was once thought to be truth, thought to be the antidote to lost memories, a reflection on what was real, true, unquestionably accurate, but it has long been proven to be the contrary.

The series of images on show are just that, they are a reflection of a specific time, specific place, a snapshot of a memory, a caught breath, a quick gasp, a moment of light, captured. These images are my memory, or what I wish my memory to be, but are they? I collect these images, review them, add information, remove information, collate, filter, develop, and present them back as authentic fragments of my memory, but they are not. They are a result of that specific camera, that specific film, that specific day, that specific time, that specific breath, captured and released.

Every Any Some Nowhere (short film):

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