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Distance Learning – Bratislava 2013

An exhibition at the British ambassador’s house in Bratislava, a joint exhibition with Louise Ritchie PPSSA.

A series of photoetchings, ranging from 20cmx20cm to 112cmx76cm.

Smaller pieces – all photoetchings, with either hand tinting with gold and silver paint, or screen printed colour.

The flowers that are found in rough ground, abandoned fields and verges. Seen and yet not observed, they are part of the landscape, but if observed closely, they hold delicacy, beauty and vulnerability, that is worthy of documenting, the glue that binds us to the land.

Large Etchings

Remembered places, places remembered

Photoetchings with screenprinted colour and written detail.
Parts of the Old City of Jerusalem that only locals know. Made up of smaller pieces of photoetchings, assembled like a jigsaw, highlighting the fragmentation of memory and emphasising the idea of a whole is made up of many pieces.

The damp seeps through the soles of your feet

A phrase I heard on the radio, and it stuck with me. It had such a visual and visceral impact on my thought processes.
it is a series I will continue to explore, adding more to this, as time goes on.

In order:
The damp seeps – old lady – photoetching and screenprint. In this harsh world, sometimes, the damp seeps through, and you just have to stop, sit, and contemplate.

The damp seeps – olive store – photoetching and screenprint. This store sits at the edge of town, as the town creeps towards it. It used to be isolated, far from the hustle of town, the town creeps closer, and the store will be no doubt be demolished, to allow for new housing… a symbol and symptom of modern living.

Sidos House – Etchings and Cyanotypes

Series of analogue and digital photographs photoetchings cyanotypes and screenprints of a series of images of my grandfather’s house, that had been left abandoned, yet not allowed to be demolished for many years.
This house holds so many memories, good and bad. In my own child’s-eye, this house was cavernous, the stairs to the rood were terrifyingly steep, and the veranda vast. Revisiting it, it was small dark forlorn and heartbreaking. A document of a loss.

Small Cyanotype – Books

7cmx10cm, positives and negative.
Teetering on the bookshelf edge, cliff edges of learning, spines of books, embellished with gold and red ink. Positives and negatives of all these books, they inform and they infuriate, give information yet withhold so much more.

Small Cyanotype

Constantly revisiting what is not generally observed, looking at the unlooked for is the privilege of the artist. We see beauty where others do not see it.

Small Etchings